Saturday, March 3, 2012

Firearms: Source v1.0f (2012/multi2)

DOWNLOAD: Firearms: Source v1.0f (2012/multi2)


Firearms: Source v1.0f (2012/multi2)
2012 | PC | russian/english language | Developer & Publisher : Donaukinder | 2.81GB
Genre : Online , Tactics , Action

Firearms Source a team scheme. Played by two teams Red and Blue (Red and Blue). The purpose of the adventure to fulfill a task (the destroying agent of the object, the capture of the target, etc.) or the complete destruction of the enemy army. The game was organized not by round, as in Counter Strike, and is constantly killed ~ means of a player in some time reviving in their database and near to fight again. Features: Ability to advance a different skills (skill) medic, grenadier, infantryman, spyware, etc.

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