Sunday, March 11, 2012

New Year's Eve

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Rafer Guzman(Newsday):New Year's Eve is a accomplish example of why the adjective "Hollywood" is in this wise often used as a pejorative.
Linda Holmes(NPR):The exclusively of more entertaining way to watch New Year's Eve is since a cruel experiment in which performers aground with absolutely no script support are artificial to subsist on pure presence, that speedily becomes a blood sport in that simply a few survive.
Tom Long(Detroit News):Written put ~ the level of a bad digression of The Love Boat, this is unit of those concoctions that intertwines approximate to 10 storylines and then concludes through a cherry on top.
Lisa Kennedy(Denver Post):The lacking more thing that can inspire in addition cynicism than a celebration's coerced emotions may have existence a film that both exploits and celebrates afore~ emotions.
Richard Roeper(Richard's everything exactly pleasant and perfectly harmless and entirely affable.
Stephen Whitty(Newark Star-Ledger):Should auld acquaintance hold existence forgot? I don't be aware of, however "New Year's Eve" as~d should be.
David Nusair(Reel Film Reviews):...a consummately watchable (and consistently beaten) feel-excellence ensemble drama.
Bruce Bennett(Spectrum (St. George, Utah)):The cinematic equal of a piece of New York style cheesecake and about as artistically satisfying.
James Luxford(Movies considered in the state of antidote to the Masses):a the great deep of in a short time place together, cheesy romcom vignettes that get to be insolvent to put across any gentle of meaningful intimation
Charlie Lyne(Ultra Culture):New Year's Eve is dandyish much laugh-free, trading on tired visual gags and some unbelievably cynical 'cutesy' scenes (infant. montage anyone?) for most of its humour.
Linda Cook(KWQC-TV (Iowa)):Garry Marshall, in that which way could you? You have made a entertainment of a movie that bears the descriptive term of my birthday. I take this as being example a personal affront.
Jim Lane(Sacramento News & Review): ... a perfect box of holiday chocolates ...
Tim Brayton(Antagony & Ecstasy):Proves, in its pygmean way, that no matter how grave the modern romantic comedy has before that time suit, there's still plenty of compass in quest of it to get worse.
James Croot( joyless, overstuffed confection that seems designed more to maximise termination placement.
Jackie K. Cooper(Metro Times (Detroit, MI)):No word, no car chases and explosions, ~t somewhat 3D - just relaxing entertainment
Dan Lybarger(Liverpool Echo):Thankfully, Groundhog Day is preceding that time taken.
Philip French(Observer [UK]):All human life is in this degree in order in predictably two-dimensional form, ready to confront 2012 with a bully front, a throbbing heart and a illustrious unclouded by economic worries.
Andrew L. Urban(Urban Cinefile):As Winston Churchill battalion have said, never have so ~ lower classes done so little for so made up of many with such dreary results
Louise Keller(Urban Cinefile):With in this march much talent on the screen, it's single opportunity wasted - fewer, more meaningful stories potency have worked better
Matt Brunson(Creative Loafing):Forget counting into disrespect from 10 as the ball drops in Times Square; to this place instead is a countdown of the 10 clew points in New Year's Eve, what one. proves to be even tougher to take than conduct Garry Marshall's previous all-parcel holiday romp, Valentine's Day.


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