Thursday, March 15, 2012



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John Anderson(Variety):Sex, drugs and lull 'n' roll get a markedly downbeat twist in Roadie, helmer Michael Cuesta's take attached youthful dreams gone out of at~.
Andrew O'Hehir( simultaneously wish to endorse its ambition and firmness and report that it's a exceedingly mixed bag.
Ron Wilkinson(Monsters and Critics):A particular treat for Queens New Yorkers, this ~t one holds barred drama will reflect through less intensity the farther it travels.
Leslie Stonebraker(New York Press):Unable to exceed expectations for even 24 hours, Jimmy bounces right and left the awkward reality of his unvaried small town, seeking a way away of the trap.
Chris Barsanti(PopMatters):...a unit-note comedy whose darker undertones are at no time fully explored.


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