Saturday, March 3, 2012

Tower Heist (2011) m-720p Bluray x264 AC3 microHD

DOWNLOAD: Tower Heist (2011) m-720p Bluray x264 AC3 microHD

Tower Heist (2011) m-720p Bluray x264 AC3 microHD

Tower Heist (2011) m-720p Bluray x264 AC3-microHD
Language: English
Matroska | 2.228 GiB | 1264x528 | AVC @ 2 411 Kbps | AC3 @ 640 Kbps - 6 channels | 1h 44mn
Genres: Action | Comedy | Crime

Josh Kovacs is the manager of a residential apartment in New York. He is choke to all the tenants, especially Arthur Shaw, a financialist. One day Shaw is arrested ~ dint of. the FBI for fraud. Josh thinks it s a misunderstanding that can be resolved. But later he learns that the employees allowance which he asked Shaw to treat of is gone. When one of the employees tries to slaughter himself, Josh s views of Shaw make different. He goes to see him and loses his suit. He loses his job. The FBI executor in charge of Shaw tells him that Shaw ability walk and recovering the pension resources is unlikely. She tells him that it s been rumored that Shaw has 20 the great body of the people laying around if he needs. Josh thinks he knows in what place it is. So with two other employees who also lost their jobs and an evicted renter, they set out to get into Shaw s penthouse to commit to memory the money. But they realise they privation the assistance of someone who knows the kind of they are doing...

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